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Dubai A City of Light and Hope!

Updated: Mar 24

Who does not like to Travel isn't it?? Being an avid traveler I'm, wanted to travel to an international destination for a long time. It was irking in my mind that I wanted to cross the border for a long time. When the offer was made by my company to travel for a short time for a business meeting, I took the offer in both hands. The joy within to cross the border was creeping up with each passing day. When I broke the news to my family member and Friends, I was shot with missiles of information mostly negative. My joy was stirred with fear and anxiety. But I was determined, no matter what, I will go on this trip.

On the day of departure, I was programmed in my mind that I should be more humble, be very cautious of how I dress, speak, and represent society as a woman in Dubai. In the midst of all additional formalities for the Covid (Read as additional cost as well) and vivid emotions I land up in Dubai!!!

Gave my Swab and I reach my Hotel. During this first land travel on a foreign shore, met a Uber driver who was courteous, respectful, and humble. Found him very genuine willingness to help be it getting my baggage secured or explaining to me how the billing works etc.., Which was completely shocking to the version of what was told to me, but I am still cautious mind you!

Landed at my Hotel with a very warm welcome... Another shocker!!! The hotel staffs were ready to help without asking for one. There were people around the hotel to help you navigate to ensure you are not left alone and lost, you really need this sort of help for the first time in a new property. Now, I was alone in the room and thinking about what went by, all my preconceptions all my preparedness is not useful anymore. People are respectful, humble, and ready to help without asking for it. But still, my devil mind told me just a first-day hold on to your thoughts "Not Yet"

Slept peacefully, woke up to next morning awaiting to get the permission from Dubai authorities that my test is negative and I can I travel (literally wander) Hola! my report was up and it said you are licensed to roam around.

Finished my meeting quickly for the day, and I was eager to explore the city. Now I was a little comfortable and planned my day to visit Dolphinarium

I took the metro to reach this place because I wanted to explore everything. This is my kind of traveling. People never let me stand, they offered their seat to me and insisted that I sit. "Atithi Devo bhava". No Gazing, no uninvited attention so far from men around. People were busy they dressed to their best not even judging you with what you wear, how you talk. They were genuinely helpful.

I Visited Dolphinarium, again a very warm welcome at the counter explained everything in detail and went over and over until I was comfortable and confident to enjoy on my own. Met Loads of people, shared so many things in common. Staffs at the site were really good and made me comfortable.

3 days passed by visited Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah, Meena Bazaar, Abra ride my notion was completely shattered. Be it in Metro/Tram/Monorail, very helpful fellow traveler, the staff at the hotel, random Uber drivers, and a lovely couple that I met in Indian Restaurant ( Managed by Dubai Entrepreneur). They all shared a lot of positive vibes. They were ready to help, guide, and suggest whatever you needed.

5 days that I spent in Dubai, questioned the very basis of trust and hope in human beings. It was a soul-awakening trip, changed my perspective about life and about human beings. It increased my faith in human beings and respect towards men in general.

Never believe in what you hear, what people say until you experience it.

It's so true, Collect Moments, not things!!!

Dubai is a lovely city to be in. Very safe for solo women travelers.

Dubai - A City of Lights and City of Hope

My intention to write this Blog is to express my thoughts and experience to larger audience. You will get to read Blog on Food and Travel and occasionally something which is closer to Food and Blog..

Let's Meet in Paris soon!!!😁

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